Welcome to the official documentation for "OpenGL3DVision" wrapper.

New in Version 6.12

This is a MAJOR Release with 2 weeks+ in testing to "squash all bugs". This doesn't mean some of them might not still linger around!

New in Version 5.0 - Internal release only

New in Version 4.25

New in Version 4.19.10

New in Version 4.19

New in Version 3.67

New in Version 3.19 Beta

New in Version 2.20 Beta

New in Version 2.00 Beta

New in Version 1.50

All Information below is more or less DEPRECATED NOW!

It still applies for version 1.50 of the wrapper. See Release Notes(above) for new functionality and fixes!!!

Feature List

Hot-Keys used for Developement

Keyboard Key :
Functionality :
[F8] Shader Compiler: Toggle between Vertex and Pixel Shader for the current selected Shader Program
[F9] Shader Compiler: Compile & Link the Current Vertex or Pixel Shader for the current selected Shader Program
[F10] Show Current 3D Vision Settings: Separation/Depth and Convergence values that are being applied
[F11] Reload the section [Shader_Compiler_Options] in Development Mode Only
[CTRL] + [+] Shader Compiler: Select the Next Vertex Shader
[CTRL] + [-] Shader Compiler: Select the Previous Vertex Shader
[CTRL] + ] Shader Compiler: Select the Next Pixel Shader
[CTRL] + [ Shader Compiler: Select the Previous Pixel Shader

Video Documentation

  • 1. Introduction
    - General Information about the tool.
    - How it works.
    - How it is made.
    - What modes are supported.
    - What OpenGL spec is supported.
    - Tool Versions.
  • 2. Getting Started.
    - How to start fixing a game.
    - Hooking the wrapper with the game.
    - Enabling 3D Vision.
  • 3. Inserting Stereoscopy into a game.
    - General Shader information: used variables, used uniforms
    - Dumping the shaders
    - How to insert Stereoscopy into the shaders
    - The Stereo String "Magic"
    - Shader Compiling Status and Errors
    - Checking to see if all shaders are hooked
  • 4. Finding shaders and Depth Hack Option
    - Shader Dump functionality
    - Depth Hack option
    - How to find a shader responsible for something
    - Using the Shader Pair function.
  • 5. Adding Your Modified shaders and swap them at runtime.
    - Information about the two existing options
    (in swapping shaders) and how/WHY to use them.
  • 6. Enabling the additional Convergence Preset.
    - How to get the convergence value that you want to use
    - How to bind a keyboard key or mouse button
    - Toggle or Hold to work description.
  • [Advanced] 7. Fixing Shaders:
    - Using the Real-time shader Compiler to fix a shader.
    - Selecting the shader you want to start from.
    - Cycling through shader Programs
    - Select Between the Vertex and Fragment Shader
    - Re-compile the shader.
    - How does the Shader Compiler remembers the last source used.
    - New compiled shader generates a separate file.

    - How to add Custom Convergence for the UI
    - How to add Automatic Convergence based on
    the scene position from the Camera
  • [HIGHLY Advanced] 8. FPS Injector:
    - General information about what it is.
    - How to use it.
  • 9. Making A Fix Release.
    - Creating the Release configuration file.
    - Creating the nVidia Profile.
    - Using the Release Version of the wrapper.
    - Adding your custom LOGO.